me•mor•able (memory game)

We are stoked to finally release our first crafty me • mor • able memory game!!

It's been a while in the pipeline, honing the idea and learning about the production design, but we are really, really happy with the outcome!

We learnt a lot about pulling a product together, from designing the logo to measuring out the ideal box size, not to mention getting the details together for our new online shop!


But, what IS this game you ask? So, the classic memory game is given a facelift - by YOU - crafted with your very own memories! You make the memory cards based on a family occasion, a friend's milestone birthday or a travel experience you'll never want to forget! All these and much, much more can become part of your memory game. Not only play your game with family and friends, but make it together too!

We spent a sunny Autumn afternoon recently with newly minted Mr 7 years-old and his classmates, all of whom helped him put together his memory game using polaroid photos and individualised birthday messages. So cool watching them pull faces at each other for the pics!


Check out the details via our online shop and give it a go yourself! If you buy direct from us it's a cool $22.00 (AUD).